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  • 밴드 캠프 사회 아이콘

무​(​無​) : Nothingness

"Using Korean traditional instruments - Daegeum, Sogeum, Saenghwang and voice - I use various looping techniques to formulate my compositions. My aim is to create a visual mental picture - a story - that can be expressed through music, giving the audience a holistic, multi-sensory experience"

released August 12, 2020



released August 12, 2020

Produced by 백다솜 (Dasom Baek)
All Composed by 백다솜 (Dasom Baek)
Daegeum, Sogeum, Saenghwang, voice: 백다솜 (Dasom Baek)
Recording 정기영 (Kiyeong Jeong)
Mixing & Mastering 정기영 (Kiyeong Jeong)
Album Design 고정희 (Junghee Ko)

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