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  • 밴드 캠프 사회 아이콘

鬼面 : 영​혼​의 탈(Mask of Spirit)  by Comarobot (Feat. Dasom & Purusha)

鬼面(gwi myeon), which has the meaning of protecting from harm by borrowing the power of '鬼':, they focus on the Techno music which based on the Industrial & Experimental genre.

'鬼' is a character that embodies the subjective image of human beings through imagination. The direction of Gwi Myeon Records is to open the way for new experimental challenges that have not been attempted in the subjective inner side of the artists

This track made has a sad and emotional feeling  based An industrial track that memorizes witchcraft in a traditional Korean way. 'Mask of Spirit' recorded it with an instrument called 'Daegeum'. which is traditional Korean instrument.
Comarobot, Unhuman ,Common Poetry & Tunnel lit up the track.

Feat. Dasom & Purusha







released May 16, 2022

Artist : Comarobot, Unhuman, Common Poetry, Tunnel 
대금(Daegeum): 백다솜 (Dasom Baek)

Voice : Purusha
: Dadub Mastering Studio


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